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Cyclists and cycling in the Great War (1914-1918)

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This Wikia is a summary of the Dutch Wikia "Renners in de Grote Oorlog". To start their will be the names of the fallen cyclists, later on some brief life story.

The First World War was a major massacre in which many young men and many sportsmen were killed. Especially football and rugby paid a heavy price. Also in cycling survived a lot of cyclists not the horrors of war.

No less than four former winners of a big Tour lost their lives: Lucien Petit-Breton (Tour 1907-1908), François Faber (Tour 1909), Octave Lapize (Tour 1910) and Carlo Oriani (Giro 1913). Also a world champion, an Olympic champion and national champions in track cycling died as Georges Parent, Emile Friol, Léon Hourlier and others.In addition to these famous names there are many other riders who lost their lives in this senseless carnage. The story of these "lesser gods" we also try to reconstruct: preliminary list of 488 names ...


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