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Cheshire Roads Club[]

Many thanks to Phil Fern of Cheshire Roads Club, who provided the names (and biographies) of the falling members.

Members Birth Death
Charles Guest 00-00-1887 - Lymm (Cheshire) 22-03-1918 - Saint-Quentin (Aisne, France)
Samuel Wagstaff(e) 00-00-1890 - Dukinfield (Cheshire) 15-02-1916 - ? (Flanders, Belgium)
Reuben Walker 00-11-1893 - Over (Cheshire) 29-08-1916 - ? (Flanders, Belgium)

From the history page of the website of The Cheshire Roads Club :

"By mid 1918 catering difficulties had become so acute that the committee decided, very reluctantly, not to accept further applications for membership until the position improved. At this stage there was a membership of 56, of which 25 were in the forces and three had been killed in action. Details of activities during the war years are not easy to come by, but one can safely conclude that there was little to report and we, on overseas service, were full of admiration for those who, despite defence duties in addition to the normal days work, were holding the club together."