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Overview of British Cycling Clubs[]

(not at all complete!!)

Cycling Club Gesneuvelden
Anerley Bicycle Club

William N. Belham - H.E. Brookes - Arthur B. Calder -  Montague W. Calder - Dick Horton - Frederick W. Polehampton - Cecil A. Say

Anfield Bicycle Club

E.A. Bentley - George Poole - David Rowatt - Edmund Rowatt

Catford Cycling Club

R.J. Coulthard - W.A. Reynolds - E.H.C. Stewart - W.W. Waterhouse

Cheshire Roads Club Charles Guest - Samuel Wagstaff(e) - Reuben Walker
Clifton Cycling Club

Lord Helmsley (Charles Duncombe) - Harold Hiscoe - L. Johnson - Robert W. Hope

De Laune Cycling Club

William England - Frank C. Reed - Percival J. Tibbels - Walter H. Webster - Arthur Williams

Finsbury Park Cycling Club

George R. Lowe - Frederick M. Slater

Haworth Cycling Club

John Earnshaw - Fred W. Greenwood - John T. Lomas - Obadiah Peacock

Keighley Albion Cycling Club

George Davis - Sam Drake - Fred Peversley - David Smith

Leeds Wellington Cycling Club

E. Bristow - D. Lainton - G. Newman - B. Shepherd - F. Thorpe - J.W. Wood - W. Young

Manchester Wheelers' Club

Frederick Armytage -  Albert Reeks

North Road Cycling Club

Caleb W. King - Charles W. Day - Philip R. Toms - Cyril F. Thorpe - Henry Limon - Percy S. Murray - Capt. Gerald L. Grimsdell, MC - Lt. Edwin Rivers-Smith

Peterborough Cycling Club J. Forth - W. Martin - Sydney Rimes - H. Thomson
Saint Stephens' Cycling Club

9 casualties (names unknown)

Sefton Harriers Jack Norman
Shaftesbury Cycling Club H.A. 'Sunny' Austin
Sharrow Cycling Club C.G. Dodworth

Worthing Excelsior Cycling Club

Douglas Duffield

There were a great many cyclist casualties during the First World War because there were a number of cycling regiments, including the London Cycle Corps, the 26th Middlesex battalion and the 8th (Cyclist) Battalion of the Essex Regiment.

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